(define apctl (+ 'scheme 'alsaplayer))
apctl (short for alsaplayer controller) comprises two related projects. The first, guile-alsaplayer, is a set of guile bindings to libalsaplayer. Essentially, guile-alsaplayer allows a guile program to make calls to the alsaplayer library, thereby controlling an instance of alsaplayer.

The second project is apctl, a command line alsaplayer client based on these bindings. It was initially just a proving ground for guile-alsaplayer, but it has grown into a pleasant, useful program in its own right. The direction I've taken it in has been dictated largely by two factors: 1) My desire for a non-intrusive/invisible sound player with a specific subset of features, and 2) a useful tool for people who want to play their instruments along with recordings.

First, you'll need to install scons. scons is essentially a replacement for make. apctl uses scons for automating its build and installs, so unless you want to do this by hand, you'll need this program. If you've never used scons before, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Second, of course, you'll need guile. Guile is GNU's implementation of the scheme programming language, a clean dialect of LISP. Make sure you install the "development" version of guile as you'll need it's headers to compile guile-alsaplayer.

Finally, you'll need libalsaplayer installed. Actually, you'll probably want to install alsaplayer as well as libalsaplayer; guile-alsaplayer doesn't do the actual playing (yet...?).
Getting aptcl
You can download apctl at the sourceforge download page.
20041220 - Released 0.99.76a

20040823 - Added this web page

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